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Jeanne Dana

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Jeanne began designing cards when she was about 3 or 4 years old. She wrote poetry, hundreds of songs, sang, played piano and taught music to private students. After graduating college, she continued to perform and teach music… but found herself spending more time designing, painting and selling hand made cards to dozens of local stores. Her husband Dana’s airline job gave the young couple the opportunity to travel… for almost 5 years they flew somewhere every month. Through the ’90s, Jeanne’s design skills, creative and artistic energy blossomed and matured. By the year 2000, Jeanne Dana Greeting Cards had sold over 3 million hand made cards and brought happiness and beauty to thousands of wonderful people everywhere.

4daisybq330With the growth of the internet came a steady decline in greeting cards sales and Jeanne Dana had to reinvent themselves. The best solution at the time was to recycle the paper scrap. The Jeanne Dana Paper Mill created art from paper and recycled glass. Plaster was added to the paper castings to make them more durable and the company name was changed to PaperAndStone™. In the 21st century, Jeanne Dana’s art has become more architectural… more contemporary, creating cast stone, cold bronze and marble sculpture, artwork and murals.

Dana, son of a master salesman and professional interior designer, began playing musical instruments in 1962 at the age of 7… Performing in rock ‘n roll bands, concert and jazz groups… playing guitar, saxophone, woodwind instruments, and eventually conducting and composing for full orchestra. His interest in photography/darkroom work began in elementary school, and began silk-screening in college. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Classical Music Theory/Composition (CSUN 1980, where he met Jeanne), Dana studied Data Processing, worked in the airline business and continued to develop his artistic skills.

Jeanne and Dana have been self employed full time as silkscreen/paper artists, sculptors and painters since 1987 and traveled to over 1,000 street fairs with their 2 talented kids. Their graphic arts, casting, design studio/paper mill and bronze foundry was in the high desert above Los Angeles. In 2011, they moved to their new home and studio in beautiful Sky Valley, CA (Palm Springs area).

Jeanne Dana Greeting Cards™ has produced and sold millions of hand made cards. PaperAndStone™ makes handmade paper, paper mache and cast paper sculpture, Jeanne Dana BronzeMarbleAndGold™ produces cast stone, fiberglass, faux marble, cold and silicon bronze artwork. They have signed and sold over three hundred thousand original sculptures and paintings.


Jeanne Dana’s unique, innovative and influential artistic style… production and performance skills continue to develop and grow … their passion for Fine Art, Music, Science and Performance is further enriched by the love of travel, gourmet foods/cooking, craft beer and entertaining, but most of all by their love of people and life, their amazing children and family.

Artists’ Statement
Simplicity/complexity… traditional/contemporary… huge contrasts/wide appeals… Jeanne Dana has made a career out of being unique, original, bold and entertaining. For over 30 years they have listened to and given their customers what they want and like. Their art communicates… the style influential and cool, creative, playful and always inventive.


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