John Scanlan

John Scanlan

John Scanlan

John Scanlan

Artist’s Statement

For me, it is an emotional journey with a delicate balance of the past against the starkness of time. In a world that seems to change overnight, there is something quieting about an image that makes the world stand still. A centuries-old castle, ancient mountains, a cobblestone alley… all seem to proclaim their fixed hold on the past, present and future. These are the images that stop me, that stop time for me. Each image is a quiet tribute, a recognition of the tension between inevitable change and the desire for permanence and meaning.

In capturing foreign places, my ultimate goal is to have each and every image pay silent homage to that location’s peculiar significance and power – whether via its cultural history, its symbolism, or its innate beauty. It is this power to transport that distinguishes my work. My goal is to make you feel as if you were passing through a window to another world. Hence, the name “Windows to the World.” If, in viewing my photographs, the viewer feels a part of this past, then I have achieved my goal.

My images are not retouched or altered – and sometimes I have waited hours, days, even years to get all the elements to come together perfectly. I use the best equipment available so the final image is exactly what I saw. I enjoy performing every aspect of the creative process, from shooting the images up to and including selecting the images to be released and then getting each image ready for production. Each image is an emotional experience for me and hopefully for the viewer.


Master Photographer John Scanlan has spent the past two decades pursuing an artistic vision of the world that speaks of tranquility as well as beauty. A self-taught photographer with extensive experience, John regularly travels to foreign destinations, ardently pursuing the images for which he has gained widespread acclaim.

2008 Tuscany June I 0030In a world that seems to change overnight, there is something quieting about an image that makes the world stand still. These images reveal a delicate balance of artistic elements and offer passage through a ‘window” to another world, a passage that transports you back to another place and time.

In John’s attempt to share his view of the world as a tranquil and beautiful place, he is frequently in Europe, where the Old World has preserved images of a quiet, serene life. He continually seeks out images whose elements are artistically, emotionally and intellectually interesting. Whether intrigued by the scene’s subject matter and the feelings it evokes, or its balance, lighting and innate beauty – or, most often, a delicate combination of all of these considerations – John invariably brings home what is the essence of the scene. Every image is a tribute to the uniqueness of the places visited, reflecting an admiration for the beauty, history or symbolism in each location. The result is a collection that, taken as a whole, offers a rare view of an unwavering appreciation for beauty and serenity in all its forms, both natural and cultivated.

John has been competing in juried art exhibitions throughout the country for nearly 30 years. He has won countless awards for his outstanding photography and has been awarded the title: Master Photographer. As a result, his work is collected by thousands worldwide.

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