Julia Rodriguez

Julia Rodriguez

Julia Rodriguez

Julia Rodriguez

“The ideas I create with oils, and other mixed mediums, stimulates in me a sense of powerful mystery that captivates my imagination and inspires me to express different feelings.  The colors I use are much related, and clearly define every joy in my life.

”My art is like a puzzle piece that reflects my life. A simple palette of vibrant color gives me the inspiration to images that reflect the texture of life and reveal my feelings and passions. Through the viewer’s eye, my expression becomes complete.”

Artist’s Statement

Julia Rodriguez is a masterful contemporary artist that intrigues and inspires her collectors with use of vibrant colors and texture to portray the passions and emotions of life.

As she explains: “As an artist, I am seduced by a white canvas that allows me to transform it with an aura of color and a variety of elements to project the soul of life.”

Seeker III - Acrylic on Canvas - 2012

Seeker III – Acrylic on Canvas – 2012

Watching the colors of nature in every changing season, seeing the connection of nature and people’s emotions, and observing the power of all that is around us have been the inspiration and influence for her new “Mystery Collection.” Julia explains her newest work further: “The word ‘Mystery’ all by itself reveals a myriad of feelings and emotions in my life.  This collection, expressed through the interweaving of color and puzzle pieces, reflects the passions and emotions we face every day.” In each of Julia’s paintings, her mysterious puzzle pieces represent life’s search while the vivid colors express a passage in life – all to be discovered and interpreted by the viewer.

A contemporary artist that inspires each of us with her soulful use of color on the canvas, Julia Rodriguez compels us to explore her paintings further.  A master of expression, a visionary into our emotions, she intrigues and maneuvers us with each brushstroke. And we explore the depths of her passion and our own as we enjoy her expressive masterworks.

Artist’s Biography

Growing up in the small city in of Cartagena along the Caribbean coast of Colombia influenced Julia from an early age.  There in Cartagena, Julia’s passion for color developed.  From the superb vistas of the expansive Caribbean Sea to the beauty of a sunset, from the colorful streets and architecture to the difference in people’s ethnicity, every detail caught her imaginative eyes. It was at this early age, she found her passion for painting and found herself as an artist.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward – Acrylic on Canvas – 2013

After discovering the great Colombian Master Artist, Alejandro Obregon, she embarked on a formal art education.  At the School of Fine Arts in Cartagena, she was fortunate to learn from several outstanding Colombian Artists that she had admired for many years: Santiago Cardenas, Heriberto Cogollo, and Alfredo Guerrero among many others.

Julia has lived in Miami for many years and there she has found a similarity with her home town of Cartagena. The tropical mood, the colors and sway of the ocean, the folkloric multicultural influence, and the life and love of family and friends continue to add depth and feeling to every piece she paints.

The happiness, vivid spirit and colors she grew up with continue to assist her in revealing her passions, emotions and feelings through her art. She continually strives to express this intensity through her colorful expressions and masterful techniques. Her art can be found in galleries, special exhibitions, and private collections in the United States, Colombia, Spain, Ireland, and Europe.

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