Recommendations for LM2

Recommendations for LM2

Fine Art Photographer
Although I have worked with Linda for only a little over a year, I am most pleased with the high level of professionalism she has shown in our relationship. She has been very responsive to my needs and has worked very hard to brand and market my photography. She seems sincerely interested in doing what is best for me. Through Linda I have been able to secure licensing I would never have discovered on my own. I know I have a strong advocate for my work, and I feel confident she will continue to work tirelessly for me in the future.

President & Managing Director, Business Development Group, ArtExpo
The artwork and the artist’s story are just the beginning. How to tell it and who to tell it to begin the early stages of creating a brand. Based on my experience, Linda Mariano has shown herself to be a racehorse in this arena. An artist needs representation, and Linda is the best!

Scanlan Windows to the World
We have had the pleasure of working with Linda Mariano for the past two years and there has never been a moment of disappointment.

She is a fantastic motivator. Not only does she represent you well, she motivates you to think outside the box and get things moving.

If she doesn’t have an answer for something right away, she gets it to you promptly.

Linda is a pleasure to work with and is a very personable and pleasant person. Her appearance is always professional and she carries herself well.

She is well connected within the licensing community and is very well respected. Linda is well-versed in her occupation and has had years of hands-on experience. She also keeps herself up-to-date on the latest trends in the licensing world.

Linda is very responsible, dependable and trustworthy.
In summary, Linda comes with the highest of marks from both me and my husband.

Craig A. Fleming, CEO, IAMG
Over the past 10 years I have come to recognize Linda as one of the leading art/brand-based marketing executives in the country. Her cutting edge pulse on the industry, including branding, licensing, coaching and publishing, makes her one of the best resources you can have. If you’re looking to take your company or personal art brand nationwide, you will not find a better person to help. Her contacts and influence within the licensing industry are first class and she brings a unique ability to get deals done even when they seem impossible to do.

Brian P. Mahoney, Senior Vice President, Sales, IAMG
Working with Linda is a real pleasure. Linda is a proven, pragmatic business and marketing executive with years of experience in start-up and tenured businesses. Strong executive team player with depth and breadth of knowledge in all facets of the business, centered on exceptionally strong marketing, licensing, and relationship expertise. Anyone fortunate enough to be selected to work with Linda will not regret their selection. Linda is a person of her word and has every quality that anyone who is looking for someone to represent their interests would need.

Vice President, New Business Development, Jenkins Insurance Group
Former Vice President of Sales, The Thomas Kinkade Compa
Linda has a truly creative mind and excels in areas requiring innovative thinking. She has a deep understanding of human behavior, which gives her great natural instincts as a marketer, and her infectious energy and enthusiasm makes her a great leader.

President/CEO, The Thomas Kinkade Company
I had the pleasure of working with Linda for over 5 years. I was always amazed at and inspired by her seemingly endless energy and passion for her work. She combined this wonderful energy and drive with creativity, pragmatism, good humor, and the ability to build and lead strong teams. She is a results-oriented team player who would be a valuable addition to many organizations.

VP Creative Services, Discovery Channel Retail and Discovery Communications, LLC
Linda and I worked together at Discovery Communications – Commerce Division for a number of years. She is a fantastic team player and would often wear many “hats” within the Marketing department. She would help open new stores, partner with network channels on new campaigns, and work closely with the Merchant division to ensure appropriate cross-branding. Any company would be lucky to have Linda on their team.

VP Information Technology, The Thomas Kinkade Company
Linda is a strong marketeer who brought a new level of professionalism to our company. She clarified and strengthened the brand and brand strategy. She was integral in nurturing and growing the co-branding strategy that led the company into new markets and new opportunities. She built and inspired a great team of dedicated and loyal people. She was great to work with. I recommend her without hesitation.

Director, LCD Business Development, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Pragmatic yet ambitious, Linda’s exemplary approach to business is one that epitomizes the very touchstone of astounding emotional intelligence that is hard to come by in today’s work environment. By virtue of her corporate decorum and acutely discerning mind, Linda bridges the gap between a distinguished executive and a “real” normal everyday person with whom one would love to work. While at Samsung, I enjoyed meeting Linda, relished getting to interact with her on intriguing project roadmaps, and – even as a director providing a partnership service to her company rather than being a colleague – did take helpful cues from her excellent balance of executive thoroughness and good-natured sense of shared responsibility, pari passu. Simply put, I learnt from her and Todd. Indeed, Linda is an aggressive executive with a crisp view to corporate execution. A real gem!

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